Research Paper About Broken Family

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Introduction: broken families are a big problem in our society. According to surveys, one in three children is living in a family with at least one parent who is not married or living together. More than half of women and more than two-thirds of men report that they have experienced domestic violence at some point in their lives. In addition, single parents are disproportionately blame for many of the problems facing families. Broken homes create many challenges for parents and children, including: increased stress and anxiety; lower educational attainment; increased rates of addiction and mental health issues; child abuse; low economic opportunities; and fewer social support systems.

Broken Families Cause Income inequality and Poverty.

The relationship between income and poverty is one of the most important factors that contribute to income inequality and poverty. When a family has high levels of inequality, they are more likely to have poor health, quality of life, and education.

Broken families are also more likely to experience poverty. Poverty is when you don’t have enough money to meet your needs without assistance from others. In order to get out of poverty, a family must have an annual income below fifty percent of the poverty line.

Broken families often causeincome inequality and poverty due to their lack of opportunity and financial stability. Poor health can be caused by stress from living in a broken home or being born into a low-income family. Poor education can be due to the lack of opportunities or good schools available in a community. Lastly, many families who live in broken homes are also more likely to experience violence or crime because they don’t have enough money to protect themselves from these risks.

The Relationship between Poverty and Income.

Poverty often comes with its own set of consequences for individuals and their families: it leaves people without access to essential services like food stamps, healthcare, or affordable housing. When you have low levels of income, it’s difficult for you to afford food, shelter, or transportation on your own behalf- this can lead to living in poverty or working odd jobs just so you can subsist . Additionally, poor health outcomes may occur as a result of spending time living in shelters or unaffordable apartments that do not have adequate ventilation or heating systems (a common phenomenon called heatstroke).

Broken Families Cause Health Problems.

When a family is poor, they often have lower incomes and less access to health care. As a result, their children often suffer from health problems that are not easily treat or cure. Broken families can also cause physical and emotional health problems for the parents and children.

Broken families can cause health problems by:

1) Spending too much money on ineffective or dangerous treatments for diseases such as heart disease and cancer;

2) Not providing enough exercise or nutrition for their children;

3) Being Too Good to Be True: Believing That riches will bring happiness;

4) low self-esteem or feeling like they are not good enough; and

5) being involved in illegal activities.

Broken Families Cause Domestic Violence.

Many families that are experiencing domestic violence are already struggling financially. When one or both parents have low incomes, it becomes harder for them to provide a safe and healthy home for their children. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse, which can ultimately lead to the breakup of the family.

Broken families often contain many members who are struggling with poverty or unstable housing. These individuals are more likely to experience domestic violence because they cannot afford to leave their homes or protect themselves from abuse.

Broken families also cause marital discord and stress in the household. This can lead to further problems within the family and a decrease in social support. In addition, broken families can increase the risk of child abuse and neglect.


Broken families cause many different problems, but one of the most significant causes is income inequality. This can lead to a higher level of poverty and health problems for those who live in broken families. In addition, Domestic Violence is another major cause ofincome inequality and poverty. As a result, it is important for all levels of politicians and social activists to address this issue before it becomes too late.

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Research Paper About Broken Family

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