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Writing an argumentative paper is a great way to show your teachers that you can think critically about something and support your arguments with evidence.

But it can also be one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do in school. That’s because it requires you to make a strong, persuasive argument that supports your opinion or position on a topic and then prove it by using facts, statistics, examples and other evidence.

Here are some guidelines that will help you create an argumentative paper that will get you an A:

1) Start with a thesis statement – this should be a one sentence statement that explains what your main point is going to be in the paper.

2) Use transitions between paragraphs – these are sentences that connect ideas together and help keep the reader moving smoothly through each paragraph without getting lost along the way! They can also help with organization if there are multiple points being made within each paragraph (which is likely). For example: “First I will discuss xxx, then I will talk about xxx” or “In conclusion, we can see that xxx”.

A good argumentative paper is one that presents a clear thesis and backs it up with evidence.

You can write an argumentative paper in many different ways, but the first step is always the same: decide on a topic.

Then, it’s time to start brainstorming your thesis. What is your argument going to be? What’s your position? You need to think about these things before you start writing because they’ll help you keep track of what you’re trying to say and make sure nothing goes missing along the way.

Once you’ve got your topic and thesis down, it’s time to write! Make sure that every paragraph has a point that relates back to your thesis statement; this will help keep everything organized as well as ensure that you’re making progress toward proving your point.

When you’re writing an argumentative paper, it’s important to make sure that your arguments are well supported. The best way to do this is by using evidence. A good argumentative paper will have a thesis statement, which explains the main point of the paper. The rest of the paper will then present evidence in support of that point.

There are many different types of evidence that you can use to support your argument. Some examples include:

-Personal experience (e.g., “I think that [thing] is true because I did [action] and it worked out.”)

-Statements from experts (e.g., “According to scientists, [fact].” Or “Many experts believe that [fact].”)”

-Statistics (e.g., “According to an article in Time magazine, “[fact].”)”

Have you ever been in a heated debate about something, and then all of a sudden, you think of the perfect retort? It’s amazing, isn’t it? You have this epiphany and suddenly everything is clear.

Well, writing an argumentative paper is kind of like that. You’re going to write a paper about something you believe in or something you don’t believe in—either way, it’s going to be controversial. And when you start writing your paper, it will probably seem pretty clear-cut: either your side has all the answers or they don’t. But as you start to write, things will get more complicated. You’ll find yourself saying things like “Well… maybe there are some good arguments on both sides” or “I’m not sure if there’s a right answer here.”

That’s because arguing means taking an opinion and defending it against other people who disagree with it. And if someone’s going to argue against your opinion, they’re going to throw some pretty compelling facts at you—facts which might make you question what you originally believed was true! So how do we manage these arguments?

The first step is to remember that arguments are fun! They’re exciting because they help us understand each other

Step 1: Pick a topic.

Step 2: Write down your opinion.

Step 3: Research your opinion and find reasons to support it.

Step 4: Arrange your research in a logical order.

Step 5: Write the introduction, stating your thesis and giving an overview of the paper’s contents.

Step 6: Write the body paragraphs, each with a topic sentence and evidence to support it.

Step 7: Write a conclusion that restates your thesis and summarizes what you’ve said in the body paragraphs

How to write an argumentative paper

Writing an argumentative paper can be intimidating, but with the right tools and tips, you can do it with ease.

What is an argumentative paper? An argumentative paper is a piece of writing that presents an opinion on an issue or topic and defends that opinion with evidence from sources. It’s important to note that in an argumentative paper, there is no room for personal opinions. The entire paper must be based on facts and evidence from sources.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Choose a topic that interests you and write down several ideas for arguments based on this topic.

2. Pick one idea and write down three reasons why someone might agree with your argument. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar at this point—just focus on getting your ideas out onto paper!

3. Go back through your list of reasons and decide which one is most convincing to readers, then narrow down your list to two or three arguments (it’s okay if they’re similar).

4. Find evidence from credible sources (like books or articles) that supports your main points, using the list below as a guide:

– Statistics and facts (examples: “According to research by ABC Company…” or “According to the U

Writing an argumentative paper can be a little intimidating at first. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you get started.

First, think about what you want your paper to accomplish. Is there a specific idea you want to get across? Are you trying to convince someone of something? Or are you just looking for some ideas that will help you develop your own opinion? Once you know that, it’s time to start writing!

Start with an introduction that explains what your argument is going to be about. Then write 3-4 paragraphs supporting your argument and addressing any counterarguments people might have against what you’re saying. At this point, you should feel pretty good about your paper—but if not, try listening to some music or watching a TV show or movie while rereading what’s written so far. If it still doesn’t sound quite right, go back and make changes until it does!

Finally, end with a conclusion that restates the main points of your argument and summarizes why they matter for readers or listeners (if applicable). Once everything is in place, print out copies of the document on bright paper so it stands out against other papers in the pile

Writing an argumentative paper is a skill that can take a while to master. It’s important to remember that you’re not just writing an essay—you’re trying to convince someone of your point of view. This means that you need to be able to support your arguments with evidence, and address any counter-arguments that might come up.

In this article, we’ll go over how to write an argumentative essay in five steps: brainstorming, outlining, writing the introduction and thesis statement, writing body paragraphs, and writing the conclusion.

In order to write an argumentative paper, you need to have a position on the topic you are writing about. Without an opinion, it will be hard to convince other people that your position is correct.

Next, you should gather all the evidence necessary to support your position. This might mean reading research studies or hearing from experts in the field. You should also look at any news sources that discuss your topic.

The next step is writing a thesis statement, which is basically an assertion about what you want to prove. This should be clear and concise, so when you write your paper, readers can easily follow along with your argument.

Finally, write a conclusion that summarizes everything you’ve said in the paper and makes it clear why they should agree with your point of view on this particular issue.

An argumentative paper is a form of writing that describes and analyzes an issue, problem or situation. It presents evidence and reasoning in support of a conclusion. The writer’s position is clearly stated, but it should be backed up with evidence to show that the position is valid. Some people use the terms “persuasive paper” and “argumentative paper” interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two: A persuasive paper attempts to persuade readers to adopt the writer’s point of view on an issue. An argumentative paper does not attempt to persuade readers; it merely lays out facts and reasoning supporting a particular point of view.

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