Essay About Love For Nature

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I love nature. I love the way it looks and smells, the way it feels under my feet, and the way it sounds when it’s quiet. When I’m out in nature, I feel like I’m at peace with myself and the world around me. There’s just something about being surrounded by trees and grass that makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy.

I’ve been spending more time outside lately because I’ve realized how much more relaxed I am when I’m outside than when I’m inside with all of the noise from traffic and people talking around me. It’s hard for me to focus on what someone is saying when there are so many other distractions around us including cell phones ringing or text messages popping up on screens everywhere we look!

When you go outside into nature there are usually no distractions like this so you can focus on what matters most at that moment in time–which is usually just enjoying yourself!

Essay About Love For Nature

Mankind is a vital and integral aspect of nature. It is one of life’s greatest blessings, but modern humans no longer acknowledge it as such. Many poets, writers, artists, and others have drawn inspiration from nature over the years. They were motivated by this amazing creation to write stories and poetry about it. They had a genuine appreciation for nature, and it shows in their works even now. Nature is essentially everything that surrounds us, including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sun we enjoy, the birds we hear chirping, the moon we see, and more. Above all, it contains both living and non-living objects and is rich and vivid. Therefore, modern people should take a cue from their forebears and begin appreciating nature before it’s too late.

nature essay

Significance of Nature

Nature existed long before humans did, and ever since, it has looked after and sustained humanity. In other words, it provides us with a shield that protects us from all injuries and damages. Humanity must realize that it is impossible to survive without nature.

Even if nature can defend us, it also has the capability to wipe out all of humanity. Nature in all its forms, including the plants, animals, rivers, mountains, moon, and more, is equally important to us. One component alone can have a catastrophic effect on how human life functions.

By consuming foods and beverages that are naturally healthy, we can live a healthy lifestyle. In a similar way, it gives us food and water so we can function. The two essential components for survival—rainfall and sunshine—come directly from nature.

Additionally, only nature can give us the oxygen we breathe and the wood we utilize for a variety of functions. But as technology advances, less people are observing the natural world. The need to balance and conserve the natural resources is becoming more and more urgent, necessitating prompt action.

Short essay on beauty of nature

Our physical and emotional senses are soothed by the vastness and beauty of nature. Nature’s beauty somehow has an unlimited, eternal, and immortal existence. The art of Allah Almighty is perfectly reflected in the beauty of nature. Even though natural beauty is currently extinct, its psychological effects can never be ignored since “the delight of beauty is eternal happiness.”

A treasure that will always exist is the beauty of nature. Nature is diverse. They are found all throughout. The human eye is constantly exposed to positive things.

The sunrise and sunset are two of nature’s many stunning characteristics. A person with a sense of beauty will never be able to overlook the splendor of the disappearing stars and the red light of the rising sun. Similar to how the beauty of a sunset has moved many sensitive and creative people to create praise-worthy poetry, exquisite prose, and paintings, as well as to record the moment in time with a cloth or a camera.

Short essay about nature most lovely and alluring environment we have is nature, which brings us happiness and gives us a healthy natural atmosphere to live in. Our natural environment offers us a wide range of lovely flowers, alluring birds, animals, and green plants, as well as a blue sky, land, flowing rivers, the sea, forests, air, mountains, valleys, and hills. For our good health, our God has created a lovely world. All of the resources we depend on for our daily existence are gifts from nature that we shouldn’t waste or harm.

We shouldn’t alter nature’s original design and shouldn’t disrupt the cycle of the environment. Because nature has given us such a lovely environment to live in and enjoy, it is up to us to keep it clean and free from harm. The contemporary era has seen a significant disruption of nature due to many selfish and bad human behaviors. But we should all work to preserve the beauty of our environment.

Everything in our immediate environment—including the lovely surroundings—is part of nature. Every time we see it, we enjoy it. It evolves naturally, and we can see, hear, and feel it all around us. In order to breathe clean air and take in the early beauty of nature, we should make the most of nature and venture outside every day for a walk. The beauty of the world changes throughout the day. For example, in the morning as the sun rises, everything appears bright orange before turning yellow. When the sun goes down in the evening, it turns dark orange once again before turning light dark.

The natural world provides everything for us, but we do not do anything for it, despite the fact that we continually damage its resources in order to satisfy our own selfish desires. Many new technologies are being introduced every day in the modern technological world, without considering their effects on the environment. To ensure that life can remain on earth indefinitely, it is our job to preserve the dwindling resources of our nature. If we don’t do anything to protect the environment, we put the lives of future generations in jeopardy. We ought to recognize its significance and value and work to preserve its organic form.

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